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My name is Alexis Allen. I'm a digital product manager, gardener, cool aunt, early web publisher, cat lover, mossback, and overall enthusiast.


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I asked ChatGPT and he had this to say about me:

So I asked him what that is, and he said:

The bullets describe the responsibilities and skills of a product manager and leader, including tasks such as crafting business documents, utilizing analytics tools, stakeholder engagement, collaboration with teams, leadership in managing digital applications, conceptualizing solutions, and proficiency in various aspects of product management and development.

He didn't say anything about how some people are just born to do a kind of work.

Want to know more? I'm open to opportunities.

Fun and Fandoms

More on all this in the coming weeks, but I am a handiwork kind of lady. I garden, I crochet, I knit (poorly) and sew. After the lockdown and all that happened since, I kind of lost track of a certain joy that comes with a pair of well-fitted hard pants, and I'm interested in starting that journey all over again. But as I said, more later.

Weird and True